Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal Endoscopy - Nasal Endoscopy

An endoscope is a special fiber optic instrument that is used for the examination of the interior of a canal or hollow viscus. During an office visit, the physician may recommend a nasal endoscopy which allows a visual examination of the nose and sinus passages. The endoscope is attached to a camera system, which allows the patient to follow the procedure and be active in their care.

Before the procedure, an analgesic that is mixed with a topical nasal vasoconstrictor is sprayed into both nostrils. This mixture helps open the nasal passage and make the procedure more comfortable. The physician will then gently insert a flexible or a rigid endoscope into the nasal passage way to better visualize the nasal cavity. It allows the physician to observe signs of any obstruction, look for any sinus related problems, or polyps and determine the cause of a patient’s complaint.