Myringotomy and Ear Tube Insertion

Myringotomy is an incision in the tympanic membrane (eardrum). Myringotomy with or without tube insertion is the most commonly performed ear surgery. It is effective in the treatment of acute or recurrent ear infections or hearing loss due to fluid buildup. After an incision is made into the eardrum, the physician may place a tube in the ear. The tube may remain in the ear for months or years, depending on when the body works it out.

Pre-Operative Instructions for Children

Pre-Operative Instructions for Children - Myringotomy (Ear)

When the decision for surgery has been made, the office will try to determine a day that is most convenient for you and your child. Once the surgery day is confirmed with the hospital, you will need to contact the family doctor and schedule a preoperative appointment within 30 days of the surgery day. You should obtain a History and Physical as well as any necessary blood work.

You will be contacted by the hospital on the business day before your procedure. You must arrive at the hospital two hours prior to your scheduled time. This allows the staff enough time to prepare your child for the procedure.

The outcome of your child’s surgery is as important to us as it is to you. In order to obtain the best results with the procedure, we would like you to follow a few simple rules.

Two Weeks Before Surgery
Absolutely DO NOT give your child any aspirin, aspirin-containing products, ibuprofen (Advil®, Aleve®, Motrin, etc). The only “safe” pain medication that is permitted is Tylenol. Do not buy any over the counter pain medications without checking with the Doctor first.
Do not give your child any Multivitamin if it contains Vitamin E. It is known to increase bleeding during surgery.

One Week Before Surgery
You will need to schedule an appointment at our office one week prior to your surgery. Please bring your child’s History and Physical and all labs with you. At your appointment you will be given prescriptions for antibiotic eardrops and pain management. These will all be used following your child’s surgery. Please fill these prescriptions before your child’s surgery so you will have them ready for use when you return home after the surgery has been completed.

The Day Before Surgery
NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK AFTER MIDNIGHT. Your child’s procedure will be cancelled if you do not follow these directions.

Pre-Operative Instructions for Adults

When the decision for surgery has been made, the office will try to determine a day that is most convenient for you. The procedure will be done in the office based setting. No pre-operative blood work will need to be completed. When you arrive for the surgery, a topical anesthetic called Phenol will be applied to the eardrum to numb the area. There may be some slight burning discomfort that lasts for less than a minute.

Post-Operative Instruction for Children and Adults

An appointment should be made one week following the surgery, and every four months for tube placement check. All normal activities may be resumed after surgery. Once a tube is inserted in the ear, water contamination should be avoided by using earplugs. If custom ear molds are desired, please contact one of our audiologists.

You may use Tylenol for pain. Please follow package directions for dosage. A prescription for eardrops, such as Ciprodex, will be given. Use three drops in the treated ear twice a day, for a total of three days following the surgery.

Please Remember
Fluid or bleeding from the ear following surgery is normal. If there is a lot of drainage, a small amount of cotton may be used.

Notify the office if there is:
Persistent bleeding or drainage
Pain is not managed by pain medication
Fever is over 101° F