Mishail A. Shapiro, D.O. & Victoria S. Brkovich, M.D.

Libertyville ENT & Audiology


[Apex Sinus] was created in 1999 as an office-based, minimally invasive surgical practice led by board-certified ENT surgeons. Under Dr. Mishail Shapiro’s leadership, the practice has become a center of innovation and excellence in patient care for office-based surgical procedures that treat sinus infections, facial pain, and problems with nasal breathing. [Apex Sinus is also a leader in treating patients who suffer from snoring and sleep-related disorders.

Innovative techniques such as a Balloon Sinus Dilation (an advanced procedure for improving sinus drainage and ventilation) are now available at [Apex Sinus'] offices. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Brkovich know that enabling patients to have these advanced treatments in an office setting allows for significant savings due to the reduced recovery time and elimination of hospital facility costs. For appropriate candidates, various cosmetic procedures (such as a rhinoplasty) may be performed in an office setting as well.

The primary goal of the board-certified surgeons and friendly office staff at [Apex Sinus] is to create an amazing, personalized patient experience that leads to fast recovery and a rapid return to patients’ regular lifestyles.

[Apex Sinus] accepts multiple commercial insurance plans. The practice is an independent institution, and patient satisfaction is and always has been its top priority. With a 15- year history of excellence in patient care, the doctors and staff enjoy a winning reputation and the highest patient satisfaction.

To schedule your consultation, please call (847) 353-8802 today and start one of the best medical experiences available. The staff and medical team at [Apex Sinus] look forward to seeing you soon!

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